• Xuli B. Shino

    It would be nice if they beefed up or changed their attacks a bit too since they have more of an edge in competitive pvp.

    It would also be useful all the ranks underneath mythical had additional traits and moves to learn after ranking up (since a lot of them tend to be set on support roles anyways)!

    It would be nice to see old vintage favorites knocking the socks off of our opponents! Firekong, Dark Anubis and many others need some love again! ^^

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  • Xuli B. Shino

    I'm not one to fill out almost every square with habitats, but it would be nice to add maybe a couple or a few more islands the game! Plus! May we have more landscaping options? I'm still tired of using purple fauna and flag banners for decor.

    It would be nice to place some of the rocks and trees the workers were ordered to breakdown. Ya know! To add some pizaz around these habitats and make them more special! ^^

    Also! May we ask the builders to help us move these around? Most of us aren't worker hulks, ya know! ^^

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  • Xuli B. Shino

    Hey! This is XBS and I've encountered a graphic/command glitch! This has been going on for about a month and my Terroriser's Weaken Targets overides the Magnetism trait. Here are a couple of screenshots!



    Hope this helps!

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