• Yahya Alhussein

    Can’t you install dragon city on your phone and then log in with your Facebook account. Maybe you have your saved progress on your Facebook account? So that you are back where you lately were.

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  • Yahya Alhussein

    The Skylanders series have some figurines.
    But monster legends don’t.
    I wish monster legends have some figurines, like with rotatable limbs. Jaws can open and close
    Or some type of mechanism that can shoot some
    projectile from some body part like breathing fire
    Or shooting electricity balls. Or vapwhirl would have like a beyblade mechanism like pulling the string back as fast as you can and then release it so it can spin super hard and attack.

    Who agrees with me?

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  • Yahya Alhussein

    I agree.
    Monster legends have some of the most coolest looking monsters ever. I really wish there will be some action figures

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