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    I didn't build Phaun's Tower prior to Breeding Reborn because I knew from others that it was useless. Started to build it when Breeding Reborn was announced, but only managed to finish it after they nerfed Phaun again. I tried it a few times anyway, but found the same as @Chabal : Tripling nothing still is nothing. 😥 Most of the time now I even forget to check if I could use Phaun. It doesn't make a difference anyway.

    I really had high hopes when Breeding Reborn was announced but I'm so frustrated now that I think I might give up on breeding. I spent about a year now empowering dragons that I thought might be useful for breeding, and you all know that we never have time to empower all the dragons we want/could because it takes way too long. It didn't do me any good, my success rate for breeds seems to be below 1%. 😠
    The only breedings that still work in my experience are Sanctuary Legends.

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    @deedee68 this one:

    I didn't find a better image on the spot. But someone from my alliance has it. You need to buy it and it gives an amount of gems every day (about 25 if I remember right) for 30 days and more gems on the first day. I think there was a discussion about it on Dragon City Players some weeks ago.

    EDIT: I found another announcement, from Joker Gaming. It says 50 gems on the first day and 15 gems daily for 30 days.

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    Thanks @Nynaevelan for the suggestion! But I don't want to complain. I was so lucky (and happy) to be beta tester for the Divine Pass! 😀 I'm just doing my job as tester and telling what I liked / disliked and how it works for me. 🤗 I personally think it's okay that we get different rewards. Why should we have a right to get the same as all the others?
    Someone from my alliance is currently beta tester for the gem flower (and loves it). I'm not, but that's ok. I think we will all get it too eventually.

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    I'm on the fourth day of my third 35 days Divine Pass and this is the first time I didn't buy it on the spot. I'm still debating with myself if I should buy it or not. 🤔 The reason is, I don't care much for the Ascended Divine dragon, I really would have preferred to get Golden Light! Although she's not the best of the Mythical dragons, at least she is a Mythical, and would have been a decent fighter, empowered to 2 stars. Ascended Divine on the other hand is a category 9 dragon who will have only one hit (with his special attack) before he dies. I was told this special attack will cost him about 75% of his health points. He might have some use for food production, but otherwise he'll be quite useless for me. And I don't like that we need 200 orbs for summoning Ascended Divine, I don't understand what's so special about him that justifies this. So if I decide to buy the pass it will be for the other rewards (hoping I will get some good dragons from the final egg chests) and not for Ascended Divine.
    Btw, I would love it if the Divine Pass rewards would contain L or H trade essences too - I'm really lacking these! Especially the L trade essences. I saved some H essences but can't use them now because no one else in my current alliance has enough of them. 😥 I guess they spent them all when Socialpoint removed the cooldown on trades - which was a really great improvement for the game, only it seems they didn't foresee that we would need much more trade essences then!

    So far, the Divine Pass didn't interfere at all with other events for me. I don't even try to accomplish goals from the pass, they just get done during gameplay. 😀 I especially didn't do any of the breeding tasks, and still finished my last Pass one week before it ended.

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    Congratulations, @Dragonista !
    I finished today too (I had the 5 weeks pass) and got Liquid dragon from the paid path and Dark Sky from the free path. Hooray. 🥱 So my great final rewards are a weak category 9 dragon and an even weaker category 5 dragon. I won't bother to hatch either of them.

    EDIT: What I would have loved to get as the final reward were more orbs of Positive dragon! The best rewards for me were

    1. the food chests
    2. the Dragon Rescue keys
    3. and the Positive dragon egg & enough orbs to empower him to 2 stars.

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    I got the 5 weeks pass and still have some goals to achieve.
    But I agree with @Titania , it's a little sad to continue and win goals when there are no rewards left! Either you should get a "Congratulations, you won the Divine Pass" screen or keep getting some rewards. Preferably the latter. 🤣

    This is my current status. The current puzzle island blocks my progress towards the last weekly goal, it doesn't request a sea/metal breed.

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    @titania said in **Divine Pass Discussion**:

    Like @Nynaevelan, I find the arena battles with the element requirements a struggle, based on my available dragons.
    And unfortunately, other than @zZZ , I still get way too many 5-star L70 opponents for my L45-50 maximum 2-star dragons!!🥺

    I get lots of these opponents too. The solution is easy, but frustrating: I deliberately lose fights until I get opponents I can win against. My main objective in Arena battles is to win the daily chest, not to prove how invincible I am. Nevertheless, I usually make it to Master Arena III at the end of a season with my 3-star level 50-55 dragons.

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    @nynaevelan said in **Divine Pass Discussion**:

    Positive - things I like

    Cost - Less than what I expected and I hope when the pass completes its beta cycle it will remain close to this price.

    Agreed! I think I won't pay more than I did this time for the premium pass. I was shocked to learn how expensive the pass in ML is. I would never buy it.

    Golden Rewards - a good variety of rewards, though I think there should be no rewards with a rarity lower than Epics on the paid path.

    I fully agree! I find even Epic orbs rather useless.

    Negative - things I think need improvement

    XL food chest - has less food than normal xl food chest, should be 5 million not 3.4 million.

    Yes, food is a permanent pain point, especially since they cancelled the breeding frenzies.

    Arena battles - too many with element requirements that conflict with Master season. **This one though may be due to my account personally and what I have available at high levels but I can see this may cause an issue for the times when a Arena Alliance chest is active

    I think the Arena goals are ok. Actually, I love them! Finally a goal for players like me who like to fight! 😍After all you've got a week to complete this goal, so it should be achievable. Arena alliance chests don't last that long. And yes, in the first week these goals have been a struggle for me, too, because I had no strong dragons with the required elements which were allowed to fight (due to element restrictions) in my Master Arena level. But everyone gets weak opponents now and then which allow one to deploy a weaker dragon (with the required elements) for that battle. The other players seemed to follow the same strategy, I encountered quite a few opponents with one weak dragon in their team that had the wind or metal element. 🤣

    Goals - does not have an option to sort for those incomplete. Although they now appear at the top so this helps but there should still be an option to filter down for only incomplete goals.

    I don't miss a sort option. The unfinished goals are topmost, that's quite sufficient for me.

    Free Rewards - while I understand they should be low to encourage people to buy the golden rewards I think they are too low and will have the opposite effect.


    Goals - there should be some farming goals.

    You mean collecting food? Please no. We have enough events that require us to collect food, some require that you grow cheap and fast food, others expensive and slow food, so a Divine Pass goal to collect food would interfere far too much with these other events! As it is, the farming tasks of the events already interfere too much with my plans about what I would like to grow.

    Wording of Tasks - the wording is a little confusing and does not explain fully what is needed to meet the requirements. For example, the breeding task which states you need to use the flame and electric elements, it should be more clear and state you need to use parents that have at least one of each element.

    Yes, this confused me too.

    Tasks Completed - I wish there was a visual notification on the DP icon that showed there were tasks completed such as the popup on the Runner island.

    Well, we do get a small green square flying by at the moment a goal is finished. Isn't that sufficient for you?

    Orb Rewards - There should be no breedable rewards on either path. In fact I think the free path should have Very Rare as the lowest rarity and as high as legends with the last chest having VIPs, Mythics or regular legends, with the paid path having as low as Epics with the highest (last chest) having Heroics, Vampires or Titans).

    Agreed! 👍😀

    ** - add a bonus shortened completion time for breeding and hatching in increase what is already available. In other words, if you have the upgraded Tree/Mountain and Hatchery you get a 20% shortened time, with the paid Divine pass there should be an additional percentage off, 20% would be nice but 10% would be acceptable.

    Do you propose this as a new kind of reward? I would love it!

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    After 10 hours into week 2, the only weekly goals still unfinished are those who require breeding, again! 🤣
    But I'm not going to do them now, I've got three sea & light breedings ATM to prepare for tomorrow's puzzle island.

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    @dragonista said in **Divine Pass Discussion**:

    @zZZ I agree that it would be great if the rewards reflected player level but I doubt that will ever happen.

    The 1st common orbs chest gave me 100 of Patriot, the 2nd gave 100 of Quetzal. That gives me 382 orbs of Patriot. I get a lot of Patriot trying to breed Abyss/Apocalypse.
    I also collected the 120 orbs of the Positive dragon today.

    Both my sets of common dragon orbs came from the paid path. I think that if we pay for the gold path they should give us 100 orbs of at least epic.

    @Dragonista you are right, the 100 common orbs chest was on the paid path. Which makes this reward even more ridiculous.

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