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    I'm done with this week's goals, how about you?
    The Heroic Race interfered a little with the breeding goals. But I managed to do them anyway. For the "breed with electric/flame" goal I switched to Mighty Mantis and Flame dragon in my Sanctuary, this combination counted towards the goal. Sadly, I didn't manage to breed Mirage yet...

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    @Nynaevelan maybe it's confusing wording, but it might be just as well that they didn't foresee this. 🤣

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    I've got a weekly goal that requires breeding an egg with parents that have flame, electric elements. I thought I could combine this with something useful and try to breed a Mirage egg. My parents are Love dragon (flame, electric, nature) and Ice dragon. The first breed gave a Glacial dragon egg (ice, electric, nature), and it didn't count for that goal. Ok, I thought, maybe the egg needs to have flame and electric elements too. But my second breed gave a Dujur egg (flame, electric, ice), and this too didn't count for the goal.
    I think this is a bug. How about you, did you have any success with the breeding goals?
    0_1620405614476_Screenshot_2021-05-07-18-22-44-975.jpeg 0_1620405622860_Screenshot_2021-05-07-18-23-03-114.jpeg

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    I wonder why the season timer and day timer are not aligned?
    My season ends in 34 days 2 hrs but my day ends in roughly 5 hrs. I would have expected both to be either 2 or 5 hrs. As it is, I'm losing 3 hrs of my last day...?

    EDIT: I think this is due to timezone conversion. The season end might be calculated in my local time ("Europe/Berlin") whereas the day/week end might be calculated in UTC. The 2 hrs of my season timer might well be 2:59 hrs, which would amount for not 3, but 2 hrs difference, which happens to be the difference between these two timezones due to the current daylight saving time in Germany.

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    @nynaevelan said in **Divine Pass Discussion**:

    @runvs said in **Divine Pass Discussion**:

    @Nynaevelan @Dragonista

    Note sure if you guys noticed this yet or not, but there appears to also be a difference in how many "points" are needed to reach the end of the pass.

    Edit: here is what I have for my accounts:

    Main/L150 - $9.99 - 1540 - 28 days
    N/L126 - $7.99 ‐ 1540 - 28 days
    r/L126 - $9.99 - 1540 - 28 days
    g/L127 - $7.99 - 1890 - 35 days
    G/L123 - $7.99 - 1540 - 28days

    On my account it's L101 - €8.99 - 1890 - 35 days.

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    @runvs said in **Divine Pass Discussion**:

    Another question... ummm... aren't beta tests usually free? For the purpose of working out the inevitable bugs and problems? Just a thought.

    @runvs now you're getting greedy! 🤣
    Yes, we beta testers have to accept the risk of potential bugs, crashes etc. but I still think it's a great opportunity to test this new feature and get exclusive rewards.

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    @Nynaevelan maybe we get different rewards because they want to test if we are happy with them? 😆

    I wonder if the tasks are different too?
    These are mine:
    0_1620332463166_Screenshot_2021-05-06-13-18-38-378.jpeg 0_1620332473518_Screenshot_2021-05-06-13-19-06-794.jpeg 0_1620332480654_Screenshot_2021-05-06-13-19-14-099.jpeg

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    I was lucky to be a beta tester, too! And I'm thrilled to be able to explore this new feature. 🤩
    I'm from Germany and my premium pass costs 8,99€. I think it's a very decent price considering the rewards that we can get.
    If you have any questions about the Divine Pass, many of them are answered on the website that came with the beta tester announcement: Divine Dragon Pass FAQ
    By the way, there's a language selection menu on the bottom of the page. My link should lead you to the English version of the page, but if you encounter a language like Portugese as I did when I followed the link, just look for this menu. 🤣

    I didn't buy the premium pass yet, but I'm sure I will! I didn't want to put me under too much pressure by buying it on the spot because that means that you need to do most of the daily and weekly tasks to get the maximum profit from premium, and I'm very much into maximizing potential outcomes. 🤣
    And yes, I think the main purpose of the pass is to bind players more closely to the game, as it requires daily actions.
    That said, you can skip some tasks too. I did a quick calculation: I got 30 points from the three daily tasks and will get 380 points if I do all the weekly tasks. The season lasts 35 days, i.e. 5 weeks. If the amount of points that you can get from tasks are the same each day / week we should be able to get a maximum of 2,950 points (30 x 35=1,050, 5 x 380=1,900 => 1,050 +1,900=2,950). But we only need 1,890 points in total so that leaves 1,060 points which can be skipped, i.e. an average of 210 points per week.

    I love it that some tasks require feeding or upgrading your dragons or winning Arena fights. I'm a fighter and I'm very happy to get something different from yet another breed/hatch task. If I skip weekly tasks, these will be the breeding tasks for sure! 😆

    After a few hours with the new feature I completed the three daily tasks and 4 of the 8 weekly tasks and earned 120 points. My free rewards were a Pure Metal dragon from the Epic egg chest and a small food chest with 138k food.

    Oh, and I like the Positive dragon that we can get from the pass. It's a cat 9 dragon with a trained combat power of 7,500, 7 "real" strengths and one weakness, which means he's a very decent fighter.

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    Luckily, I don't have this problem.
    But I made almost no progress since my last post five days ago. I think I might have gotten 2 more points for one of the tasks (hatch a dragon with ice element). All the others - no progress at all. This is caused partly by the current Heroic Race - I keep two of my breeding structures and 2-4 slots of the hatchery reserved for breeding/hatching tasks all of the time.
    But I won't start hatching some rare or very rare dragons for Mastery tasks when the race is over, as most of my current Mastery tasks require. So I will continue to make no progress. 🤣

    When I first played around with the new feature I thought that difficult unattractive tasks might pile up. Now I can confirm that. 🤦♀
    A feature to delete tasks would be great, so that we get the chance to replace a difficult task with an easier one!
    0_1620072949465_Screenshot_2021-05-03-21-49-47-252.jpeg 0_1620072961361_Screenshot_2021-05-03-21-50-02-849.jpeg

    Edit: I replaced"difficult" by "unattractive". It's not difficult to hatch a R or VR dragon, I just see no reason to do so.

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    So far, I like the new feature! I've played around with it a little and got some L orbs and joker orbs among other rewards, I loved that! 😍 Food is welcome, too, I'm notoriously short of it! And I'm looking forward to get the Mastery dragon. The gold rewards are way too small imho. And I don't care much for trade essences, I've got plenty of them. Dragon Rescue keys as reward would be great!

    I think that SP heard our complaints about useless breeds/hatches for events and this might be their answer: Some sugar to ease the pain of having to bred/hatch hundreds of Terra dragons for some event. 🤣

    Compared to the features "Goals" and "Dragon Collections", I like the new Mastery feature best. Some tasks are easy to accomplish, you can do them "on the way" to some other task that you're trying to do.
    I like it too that the new feature has hatching tasks, not breeding. It may be easier to hatch an existing egg from storage to achieve a Mastery goal than to try and breed it (this is too erratic since Breeding Reborn because previously straightforward breeds like Flame and Electric may yield unexpected and unwanted results now). On the other hand, this puts additional pressure on hatching. My hatchery is working at full capacity all of the time anyway! It would be very welcome to get more hatchery slots.

    About master points... Active players and wallet warriors will benefit from it. Good for SP, but also good for us? I'm not sure yet.
    And I wonder if every player gets the same goals? Hatching an epic or legendary dragon will be far more difficult (maybe impossible) for a low-level player, but it's no sweat at all for me (currently level 101).
    I also wonder if the rarity requirement might be changed to "at least" rarity - i.e. if I hatch an epic egg it counts for a mastery task which requires a VR egg?

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